Winch Working Principle

Simply speaking, the working mechanism of internal winch is: from the car to the first power driven motor, and the motor drives the rotating drum, the drum and drives the driving shaft, the driving shaft drives a planetary gear, and then generate strong torque. Then, the torque is transmitted back to the drum, the drum drives the winch. There is a clutch between the motor and the reducer, which can be switched by a handle. The drum brake unit, when the noose tightened, the drum is automatically locked.

In practical application, some auxiliary goods are necessary for safe and smooth use of winches, such as gloves, which can protect the hand safely. In addition, if you want to fasten the winch to a tree, you need a belt, a U shaped lug and a take-up pulley. A strap is used to hold a fulcrum. Its ideal length is 1.5 meters to 2 meters; the U shape lug can connect the hook with the strap and the capstan. Therefore, it is better to prepare several sizes of lugs; with double or three lines to change the pulling direction, a tight line pulley is needed.

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