Learn about the winch pull

The Arabic numerals in the winch model indicate the maximum pulling force. For example, the RUNVA GEW9000 refers to its maximum pulling force of 9000 lbf and 1 lb. force of 0.45 gram. The principle of purchasing a winch is generally 1.5 times the pulling force of the vehicle’s own weight. For example, Cherokee’s own weight is 1600 kg, then the winch tension should be no less than (2000045) × 1.5 = 5333 lbf. It is recommended to use 8000 lbf and above winches, because the winch model is nominally the maximum tensile force, but in actual use this It is a limit.
If the vehicle is used under the limits of the engine for a long time, it will inevitably affect the life. Also in the limit state, the winch will cause the cable to be broken and the motor to burn out. Seriously, the bystander will be injured and the vehicle may lose control. The pulling force that the winch may withstand during work is random and unpredictable, so installing a large pulling winch as much as possible will be an endless pursuit for off-road enthusiasts. In addition, the location, angle, support, load, etc. of the rescued vehicle must also be considered.

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