Electric Winch Component Part

1,relay transmission. The relay transmission receives signals from the remote controller, which are internal circuits that change the direction of the motor.

2,motors. There is a direct current motor in the part. There is a cooling fan in the winch model to prevent the winch from overheating.

3, the rope guide. If you need to use the rope work at a certain angle, the guide can be directly to the rope drum. If a belt roller, called roller guide rope.

4, the rope drum. The rope winding drum and rope cylinder, driven by electric motor. You can change its direction with the remote control button. Heavy winch rope is heavy, so the drum is also larger.

5,clutch. Clutch switch for rope drum, by a simple control handle.

6, remote control. The remote controller can control the rope from a distance. The most common model has a cable attached to the winch, and there is a wireless remote control on the market.

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